Privacy Policy

MARZO 30 ASESORES, S.A. DE C.V, with address at Avenida Américas 1905, floor 11-A, Colonia Country Club, Postal Code 44637, in the city of Guadalajara, hereby informs all its customers and potential customers, distributors and potential distributors, employees and job candidates, as well as visitors and guests, that the data we request from them will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Contact and send information regarding the acquisition of goods or services provided or marketed by us.
  2. Follow-up on requests, complaints, or technical updates of products or services that have been acquired or contracted with us.
  3. Keep our records up to date.
  4. To comply with our legal relationship or legal requirements.
  5. Contact and send information in order to assess the level of satisfaction regarding goods or services that have been provided.
  6. To invite participation in the evaluation of our quality processes, both in customer service and our products and services.
  7. To interact with our customers or potential customers in order to promote and foster brand and product identity.
  8. To send information regarding promotions and information from our business partners.
  9. To offer our products or services, including commercial, marketing, statistical, and prospecting actions aimed at these purposes.
  10. To conduct studies on consumer habits, marketing, advertising, or commercial prospecting, analyzing your information and conducting market research.
  11. To validate the quality of personal data.
  12. For prospecting distributors in Mexico.
  13. To invite to social events and/or promotion or positioning of our brand and/or products.
  14. For hiring personnel or potential collaborators or associates.
  15. For contracting independent professional services.
  16. Carry out marketing and promotion activities for the products (sales force) we market or the services offered.
  17. For updating our records, in order to inform about promotions, general communications, etc.